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An Open Letter

Communication and punctuality is the heart of our appointment based scheduling. While booking an appointment, please keep in mind that we provide enough time for our stylists and aestheticians to be able to comfortably perform the services requested and provide the quality of a salon experience that you deserve.  If you are running late for a scheduled appointment, we require that you phone ahead of time to notify your service provider as this can cause your stylist or aesthetician to be late for other scheduled clients. Please be advised that arriving late for an appointment means that we might not to be able to perform the service to its full extent or at all, which may result in completely rescheduling the appointment. Mutually, if your service provider is running behind with another client we will notify you as soon as we are able.

Unless it’s an emergency, our studio has a firm policy of requiring a 48 hours’ notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. Failing to do so will result in a friendly reminder of our policy and repeat offenders will be subject to a cancellation fee directly proportionate to the services and timing scheduled. As a courtesy, we attempt to remind everyone of their appointments two business days in advance - however it still remains the responsibility of the client to remember their appointments and if necessary to reschedule accordingly.

We invest our business in only meaningful and ecological product lines, but that does not mean a certain product might be suitable for everyone. If you are unsatisfied with the results of a purchased product within a two-week time frame and are using it as directed, you may exchange it for a product of equal or lesser value.

At Adara we want you to feel your most beautiful or handsome, and sometimes when leaving a salon you might be unsure if that is how you really feel. If you are finding a cut or colour done by one of our stylists isn’t suiting you as well as you anticipated, we simply ask that you contact our receptionist within a maximum of two weeks of the initial appointment. From there we will book you a corrective appointment with the same stylist and fix the issue accordingly.


Adara reserves the right to charge a static environmental fee for hair services. This payment goes directly towards helping us cut the cost of being able to participate in the Green Circle Salons program. This allows us to safely recycle chemicals and plastics, compost organic materials such as coffee and tea, and convert hair clippings into hair booms that help soak up oil spills.

We want to thank you for continuing to be an integral part of the Adara family. If there is anything that can be done to make your visits more enjoyable please notify your service provider or receptionist.

With passion and gratitude,

The Adara Staff

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